June 13, 2017

Valve Top Assembly Machine

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Machine No.5170

This machine is used to assemble the top portion of a toilet valve assembly.  The valve top assembly consists of 6 parts.  The heart of the machine is a Ferguson overhead tool plate indexing chassis.  The overhead tool plate strokes up and down twice each cycle making a short and a long stroke.  The short stroke occurs while the turret is indexing and is used to pick up parts.  Each station that needs to can make use of this cam operated vertical motion for parts placing and probing functions.  All stations that load parts use ADAPT standard pneumatic tool plate slides mounted on the overhead tool plate to provide the horizontal motion required to pick and place the parts into the turret fixture.  After each loading operation, the presence of the part is verified by the machine.

The Seal is fed from a vibratory bowl, down a vibratory inline track and is picked up using vacuum and placed into the fixturE. The Stem is then fed from a bowl into an inline feeder and is picked up with grippers and loaded into the Seal. After the presence of the Stem is verified, the Body is fed from a bowl into and inline feeder and is picked up with grippers, rotated 90 degrees and loaded on top of the Stem & Seal.  The Arm is fed from a bowl into an inline feeder and presented to a staging area where the arm is tipped forward 90 degrees to the orientation shown.  Another feeder bowl at the same station feeds the Pin and blows it through a tube into the gripper jaw used to load the arm.  The gripper holding the arm then moves forward, engaging the arm in the body and an air cylinder pushes the Pin through the arm and into the body.  At the next station the Arm is held down on top and an air cylinder comes up from below and snaps the ball on the top of the Stem into the ball seat in the Arm.  The cap is then fed from a bowl into and inline feeder, picked up,  rotated 90 degrees and loaded on top of the body.  An air cylinder press station snaps the cap onto the body and the good parts are unloaded into a chute.  Parts flagged by the machine controls as bad are unloaded into a separate chute for rework.

CONTROLS – This machine is controlled by a GE 90/30 PLC.  The operator interface is provided by a combination of oil tight pushbuttons and selector switches and a Cincinnati touch screen panel.  The touch screen panel provides complete manual control over all motions, control of the machine speed and access to production data stored in the GE PLC.  Machine operating modes are selected using the touch screen.  Production data for each station is kept and any fault condition that may stop the machine has a descriptive fault message that is automatically displayed on the touch screen when necessary.

CYCLE RATE – This machine produces 40 complete Valve Top Assemblies per minute

Home » Commercial » Valve Top Assembly Machine

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