December 14, 2017

Automatic Hub and Star Wheels Assembly Machine


This machine is fully automatic in its operation with a mechanical cam operated index table which has a cam operated overhead tooling plate for synchronous operations.  The star wheels are fed with a unique system utilizing a gravity feed with magnet separation.   These thin wheels will not feed in a common feed system.  One star wheel is located in a nest on the index table, one hub pressed on and the second-star wheel on top of the hub.  The presence and proper installation are verified after each operation.

PARTS CONFIGURATION – The star wheels are .245 diameter .030 thick.

CYCLE RATE-3600 assemblies per hour.

MACHINE CONTROLS – Solid state programmable controller actuates the operations of the machine.  The operations are monitored by limit devices.

MACHINE BASE – Heavy-duty welded construction powder coated for durability.

SAFETY – The machine is enclosed with interlocked doors which stops the machine when opened.  Emergency stops are provided which dumps the air to the machine when actuated.

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