December 12, 2017

Automatic “Wafer” Headers Multiple Cutter


PART CONFIGURATION – Each type of header requiring cutting can be handled by the machine including headers made out of “endless” extrusions.

When a connector is cut, material is actually removed, making the cut connectors stackable.

CUTTING SAWS – Standard saw blades used, commercially available.

CONTROLS – Ties in to main Assembly Machine or has individual control box. Cutting speed and feed controlled separately.

CYCLE RATE – On demand, automatic or adjustable to automatic Assembly Machine speed. Up to 1000 cycles per hour Cycle rate determined by tooth load, speeds and feeds.

NUMBER OF CUTS – Up to 50 cuts per single machine cycle, 5 inch total length insulator standard.

DISCHARGE – Automatic positive header sections removal, separated discharge for limited numbers of different cut lengths possible.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Headers not fully loaded with contacts can be cut to any combination with the empty tail end discharged separately.

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