December 12, 2017

Axial Lead Frame Component In Carrier Load Machine


This machine is programmed to load various axial lead components such as resistors, capacitors, and diodes from a tinning bar into a carrier, which is progressed from the “empty carrier” magazine into the machine load position. The loaded carrier is progressed and inserted into the “loader carrier” magazine. The equipment checks for component presence and will keep progressing the tinning bar until a component is present. It also checks for diode polarization and rotates the component prior to loading into the carrier if necessary.

TINNING BAR – A tinning bar can be loaded while the machine is progressing another bar. After removal of all components the bar is discharged on the opposite side.

MAGAZINE – Each discharge and reload magazine is part of a dual system. When one magazine is empty, it automatically shifts. If both magazines, at either unload or load side are empty/full, the equipment will stop.

PICK-UP HEAD – A pick-up head is mounted on a pick and place system and includes pick-up clamp fingers, test probes for presence and diode orientation and a rotation head for miss-oriented diodes.

LOAD STATION – Includes a device to open up carrier component retention fingers.

CONTROLS – A 5TI solid-state controller operates the sequence, with an easily accessible control panel, including main power, manual and automatic selector, individual operations control, emergency stops; reset, etc.

CYCLE RATE – 1,200 assemblies per hour.

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