December 14, 2017

Backshell Secondary Operation Machine


This machine provides an economical approach for multiple secondary operations to machined, cast, formed or molded products. The machine is tooled to perform different operations including; facing, deburring, reaming, milling, drilling and tapping up to 1 5/8″ for 28 different sizes and configurations. The machine is built around a heavy duty six station index table with A-B tooling.

PART SIZE – The machine can be tooled for various sizes and shapes.

SPECIAL TOOLING – Positioning fixtures, spindles, tapping heads, etc.

DEPTH CONTROL – Stroke length and tooling positioning are easily adjusted by means of external control.

TAPPING HEADS – Tapping heads used are of the lead screw type.

SPINDLES – Pneumatic, self feeding, up to 85,000 RPM.

CYCLE RATE – Up to 15 completed units per minute, depending on part configuration.

MACHINE CONTROL – Individual spindle and index table controls, manual control and emergency stop.

OPTIONAL FEATURES – Automatic Feeder: Feeding system(s) with their respective escapement(s) can be provided. Automatic Inspection and/or Rejection: Test, reject/eject mechanism, and control can be added.

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