December 11, 2017

Bacteria Filter Pleater and Assembly Machine

This machine is programmed to automatically pleat, count, cut off, compress and package various High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Media, (HEPA) glass microfibers with acrylic binders. Progressive motion is linear. Operation is automatic, except for loading.
CYCLE RATE – Machine is programmed for 480 completed units per hour, the pleater 28,800 pleats per hour. The pleater may be programmed up to sixty thousand (60,000) pleats per hour.
OPERATION – Heavy duty equipment and machine construction affords continuous operation without overheating or mechanical breakdown. All movements are fast, smooth, and positive. The machine is loaded from the operations control side – thus the operator loads and controls the machine. Housing and cover are loaded onto parallel linear tracks. The first station applies a coating of hot melt adhesive to inside bottom and ends of housing. The filter media is automatically reel fed into a pleater that is programmed to make sixty (60) one inch (1″) pleats, cut off, compress and insert into housing – it is then sealed at bottom and both ends. This unit then progresses through a cooling zone which directs a flow of filtered air to the bottom and into the orifice of the housing thereby dissipating the heat from the hot melt in the shortest possible time. Past the cooling zone the housing meets with the cover, also applied with hot melt The housing is then placed on the cover, sealing the top edge of filter element and completing the filter assembly. The filter unit again progresses through a cooling zone to a bagging, sealing, and counting station, then to a storage carton or bin.
MACHINE CONTROL – Controls easily in reach of operator. Control panel is exterior with easy access for maintenance. Controls include on/off power swtiches, separate control switches for each hot melt station, pleater, cooling air, bagger and sealer, and emergency stop. Special machine controls to customer standards, optional.
FINISH – Cosmetically suitable to clean room dust free areas. Stainless steel and white polyethylene powder coat
HOT MELT DISPENSOR – Capacity 40 lbs. per hour (other capacities available) with premelt heater and thermostat, also progressive melt heaters and thermostat. The unit has its own control panel, the master control switch in the main control panel. This unit is removable making it usable in other systems.
PACKAGING – Automatic bag dispenser, opener, and heat seal bar assembly (removable). Optional accessories: Counter, hot stamp imprinter, heavy leaf shelf, bag deflater, etc. This unit is removable making it usable for other requirements.
PLEATER – Optional Feature: Pleater systems available for most materials, pleating various sizes.

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