December 11, 2017

Blood Oxygenator Coating Machine / Intrinsically Safe


This machine is used to coat the inside of a Blood Oxygenators with a special solution. Three units can be coated at once on separate mandrels. The operator loads the Oxygenator onto the mandrel and an internal clamp retains the Oxygenator automatically until the end of the cycle. The operator then presses the start button for the newly loaded station to start the cycle. The Oxygenator is mounted on 5 stepper driven rotary mandrel that can be rotated to several positions during the cycle to insure uniform coating and drying. The Oxygenator is then coated by performing a series of fill, drain and blow sequences at different rotational angles. When the sequence is complete the operator is notified and the infernal clamp is released. There is also an automatic cleaning cycle that can be run periodically to flush Out the system.

MACHINE CONTROLS – This machine is designed to run solutions using many different Solvents, Freon and Hexane being the moat common. The entire control system is intrinsically safe and includes air purged control boxes, explosion proof switches and motors, dry break quick disconnects and special seals.

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