December 12, 2017

Box Style Edgeboard Female Connector Assembly Machine


This machine automatically feeds insulators from a magazine, and inserts contact pins into box connectors after which one row of contact pins is bent 90 degrees. Each connector contains up to 130 pins. The machine is fully automatic and has two seperate insertion stations, one for each row of contacts, as the contacts are different for each row. The machine includes automatic carrier strip feed and contact cut-off. Scrap cutters are included.

PART CONFIGURATION – Similar types of long rectangular connectors can be gang loaded in this machine.

CYCLE RATE – 800 to 1,000 per hour, on 130 pin connector equals 104,000 to 130,000 contacts per hour where contacts are on insulator cavity centers and half this rate where contacts are on every other insulator cavities.

CONTAINER CARRIER – Contacts are spaced on the carrier on every other insulator cavity spacing, which requires two cycles of the machine to load one insulator. If contacts are carried on insulator spacing, the cycle rate would be double, hence 700 connectors per hour (91,000 contacts per hour)

DUAL REELS – are mounted flush with the machine for minimum floor space. Clearance allowed for 36-inch diameter

DISCHARGE – Open horizontal track for ease of further handling and subsequent operations.

MACHINE CONTROL – Seperate main circuit breaker, control panel with jog/single cycle/automatic selector switch, start and stop buttons, emergency stop, contact and connector housing supply indicator lights.

MACHINE BASE – Unique vertical design, very heavy welded machine frame, makes a very open machine, allowing easy access to all stations.

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