December 11, 2017

I-C Socket Contact Clip Installation And Test Machine


This machine provides automatic assembly of I-C retention clips into socket contacts. This unique system provides for removal of the clip from the reel, inserting the clip in the socket contact, and seating of clip below the chamfer of the contact for ease of I-C insertion. Automatic inspection and rejection of any non-assembled contacts. The clip tangs can be oriented to the square post of the contact and the test station can be adapted to size the clip for low insertion force of the I-C.

PART SIZE – Various shapes of contacts can be assembled on this machine without change over. The contacts are bulk-packaged for low cost

CLIP FEEDING – Carrier strip automatic progression.

CYCLE RATE – Up to 140 assemblies per minute, depending on part configuration.

AUTOMATIC INSPECTION – Mechanically actuated sensing device provides for inspection of presence of clip inside contact

REJECTION – Machine automatically rejects all unassembled contacts.

MACHINE CONTROL – Main power, progression, index, feeder bowl and linear feeder on-oft. Variable speed for machine cycle and feeders.

– Clip tangs can be oriented to the square post for a high-reliability contact where the flats of the I-C post mate with the tangs of the clip.

CLIP SIZING – The test station can be interchanged with a sizing probe for low insertion force requirements

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