December 12, 2017

Calculator Keyboard and Tape Cassette Assembly and Heat Stacking Machines

MACHINE NO. 1257-2
MACHINE NO. 1257-3
MACHINE NO. 1257-4
MACHINE NO. 1257-5

These machines provide placement of component parts and heat staking of a wide selection of plastic parts such as keyboards, cassettes, etc. The position/progression stations are precision fabricated index tables and dovetail type slides for accuracy and reliability.

SPECIAL TOOLING – A wide range of piece parts can be handled by variations in special tooling consisting of feeder bowls, tracks, fixtures, templates, placement tools, etc.

ADUSTMENT CONTROLS – Stroke lengths, insertion depth and preload are easily adjusted by means of external controls.

HEAT STACKING – Preload device is included to compress components prior to the heat stake cycle. Parts will be held prior to release of preload device to cool the components.

CYCLE RATE – Up to 100 assemblies per minute depending on operation and part configuration.

MACHINE CONTROL – Power on/off, various function controls, heat stake pressure and temperature controls.

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