December 14, 2017

Card Loading / Clamshell Sealing Machine


This machine loads a header card into a clear plastic clamshell type package containing one of several different types of door handles and then ultrasonically seals the package closed.  The open packages are manually loaded onto a continuously moving conveyor belt leading to the card placing station.  A stop at the card placing station stops the part and a sensor detects the presence of the package.  A card is then removed from the bottom of the stack and placed into the package by the card feeder.  The stop is then retracted and the package moves on to the welding station.  Along the conveyor between the card loading and welding station, the lid of the clamshell package is cammed closed.  The package is stopped at the weld station and the package is ultrasonically welded closed.  On the discharge conveyor the package is flipped over so it is in the proper orientation for the next operation.

CONTROLS – This machine is controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC.  Oiltight push-buttons and selector switches provide manual and automatic control and fault conditions are indicated on an Allen Bradley  2 line message display.

CYCLE RATE – The system processes 30 packages per minute.

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