December 12, 2017

Carrier Sort and Package Machine


This machine is programmed to automatically sort, purge, and package eight different component carriers. It will select by configuration, purge the unusable, sort by category, and accordingly load into magazine for handling and storage. The machine consists of two major systems.

FEEDER AND ORIENTATION SYSTEM – The feeder bowl accepts and feeds eight different configurations of component carriers, sorts them into three categories by physical exterior size and routes them through orientation mechanisms into the sorting and packaging system; this section accepts the carriers at three points in the sorting mechanisms. As the carriers progress through the sorting system they are sensed and placed in their respective category stations for loading the magazines. Purged parts are shuttered to a receptacle under the machine. Filled magazines are removed by the operator and replaced by empty ones. Should the operator fail to make the exchange in time, the machine shuts off automatically and emits a warning sound, a red light identifies the filled magazine.

CYCLE RATE – 20 parts per minute in each of the three categories, (60 parts per minute total) Machine cycle rate, 20 per minute.

MACHINE CONTROL – All controls easily within reach of operator. The control panel is exterior with easy access for maintenance. Controls include off/on power switch, automatic stop and go switches, category purge selector switches, feeder bowl, setup/automatic switches, warning and jam stop pilot lights. In the event of a jam in the sensing mechanism, the machine stops automatically and identifies its problems by means of the “jam stop” pilot light. Special controls to customer requirements, is optional.

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