December 12, 2017

Comb Cut and Elevator Stacking Machine


Automatically feeds a carrier strip or bandolier from a motor driven reel support with high/low loop control into a die set, which can notch the carrier for orientation identification, and cuts the strip to the predetermined length after which this cut strip is placed on a plateau on the elevator.

ELEVATOR – Automatically lowers as combs are placed on them with automatic machine stop when lower limit switch, which is adjustable up and down, is made of a preselected number of combs are cut.

SIMPLICITY OF ADJUSTMENT – On the hitch feed merely replace a hard stop for length of advancing the strip and if stepper motors are used set the selector switch to number of contacts.

MACHINE CONTROLS – Solid state PLC with selector switches for automatic, single, jog modes. Stepping motor dial for switches, counters, stop, and emergency stop buttons.

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