December 12, 2017

Contact Color Coding Machine (Up To Four Colors)


This machine provides fully automatic, self-feeding, one, two, or three color stripes. As of April 1975, MIL-C-39029 calls for color code striping on all connector contacts purchased for Military use. After coding the contacts are automatically taken from the index table and fed through the drying track resulting in a touch dry contact. The time required to completely dry the paint depends on the type of paint used.
PART SIZE – Most any shape of contacts, male or female, can be coded on this machine with minimum changeover. The contacts are bulk-packaged for low cost.

STRIPES – Any color combination in any width.

COLOR CODING – Conforms to MIL-SPEC. and commercial requirements.

FEEDER BOWL – Up to 18″ diameter determined by the part size and fabricated from polished stainless steel.

INDEX TABLE – Holds lower and upper contact holding and positioning discs which are self-locating for ease of change over.

PAINT STATION – Paint station reservoirs are removable by loosening one thumb screw, without losing adjustment, for ease of cleaning.

PAINT APPLICATION ROLLERS – Are adjustable up and down for positioning of the stripe on contact and in and out for pressure.

PAINT USED – Optional, with a medium viscosity.

CYCLE RATE – Up to 90 parts per minute, depending’ on part configuration.

MACHINE CONTROL – Main power, variable speed for feeder bowl and on-off feeders, index on-off and paint stations on-off.

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