December 12, 2017

D-Connector Assembly Stake and Mark Machine


This machine consists of an upper head with a quick disconnect collet holding a hardened “dummy contact” and a lower mechanism holding a removable tool. An insulator is placed in a nest on the X-Y table. The operator positions the stylus on a template and the machine automatically starts the test cycle as follows:

1. Contact insertion force; if over the preset limit will show failure test 1.
2. Contact retention, if clip or contact moves beyond the preset limit, it will show failure test 2.
3. Clip tang release from plastic for ease of removal.
4. Removability, if removal tool is not able to release contact, it will show failure test 3.

PART SIZE – Tester can be built for most any size insulator and/or contact, either front or rear release.

ELECTRONICS – The control is a solid state device which includes the following controls:

a. Manual operation of each cycle.
b. Program pin count, enabling to preset the number of cavities and record the failed cavities.
c. Start test sequence, stylus override.
d. Stop and hold, will hold the test cycle at any position when actuated.
e. Release hold.
f. Pin test stylus light, all pins complete counter at zero.
g. Test pin.

DUMMY CONTACT – Contact precision ground. Through the quick disconnect, collet arrangement contact can be left in the cavity after a failure mode and will not interfere with additional tests.

REMOVAL TOOL – Is easily removed for replaceability.

CYCLE RATE -900 per hour.

MACHINE BASE – Table mount.

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