December 12, 2017

D-Subminiature Contact Gang Load and Bend Machine


This machine automatically gang loads stamped contacts into “D” subminiature connectors. It is easily accessible for loading, service and maintenance, runs relatively slow to enhance wear and with gang load has a very high contact loading rate.
The contacts are cut-off from carrier strips on reels. The insulators are manually loaded into a magazine from which they are automatically escaped and loaded into the machine and progressed through the operating stations by means of a “walking beam”. Automatic feeder bowl, optional.
One row of contacts is cut-off from a carrier strip and then inserted forward into the insulator. The insulator is then moved forward by the walking beam. The insulator moves into the second station which is the bend station. The third and fourth stations are identical to the first and second stations. All stations work simultaneously.
The carrier strip with the contact pins is advanced by stepping motors. The total or number of pins can be changed by dialing in a different number of pins on the counter. Scrap cutters cut the empty bandoliers into small pieces.

PART CONFIGURATION – Stamped contacts, “D” type plastic insulators, different lengths up to size 37.

SPECIAL TOOLING – No special tooling necessary for different length connectors.

OPTIONAL ITEMS – Automatic insulator feeder bowl, automatic contact presence test and reject system, finished goods, collecting tray or magazine and additional tooling for other row to row or center to center connectors.

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