December 12, 2017

“DIN” Connector “Gang” Contact Load and Bend Machine (2, 3, and 4 Rows)


This machine automatically inserts contact pins from earner strips into plastic insulators. An insulator is escaped out of a manually loaded magazine and fed through the machine, automatic feeder bowl optional. Dual rows of contacts are stitched into the header. Scrap cutters cut off the leftover carrier strips. Three-row automatic contact gang load machines available.

PART CONFIGURATION – Plastic two and three-row type headers. Thin, long tail, beryllium copper formed contacts for European type “DIN” connector. One, two or three-row configurations possible.

INSPECTION STATION – Contact pin presence sensing with automatic reject.

CARRIER AND CONNECTOR HEADER PROGRESSIONS – Precision mechanically operated mechanisms. Programmable stepping motors for gang load machines.

CYCLE RATE – 120 to 180 contacts per minute. 1000 connectors per hour for gang load machines.

MACHINE CONTROL – Variable speed. Sensors for no contact and no header conditions with automatic machine stop, indicators and reset button. Automatic and manual cycles. Main power and emergency stop buttons on an easily accessible control panel.

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