December 12, 2017

Dual Inline Socket Connector Contact Loading Machine


In another version of the machine the plastic housings are not put on the contacts by an insertion station, but are fed over the contacts coming down with a gradual decline onto the contacts in a very fast, never stopping, continuous motion. The seating is done by a set of declining rollers. See photo with automatic tube loader.
The connector design determines which of the two systems will be used.
This “flow thru” design makes it a very unique and compact machine with maximum output rates.

PARTS CONFIGURATION – Sockets with different width and length can be handled with minor set-up change overs.

INSPECTION SYSTEM – The inspection system automatically senses for pin presence. It can be dialed in for the different number of contacts and will automatically reject the assemblies with missing contacts.

CARRIER PROGRESSION – The carrier progression is controlled with a stepping motor system which with dial switches can be set for the right number of pins.

SPECIAL FEATURES – The insertion station can be completely hinged beck for ease of start up or troubleshooting. The contacts reels are motor driven with automatic slack and splice sensors.

MACHINE OUTPUT -150,000 contacts per hour on a 24 inch insulator or multiples thereof. Continuous feeding machine up to 250 inches per minute, depending on feeder bowl output.

MACHINE CONTROL – A Solid State programmable controller operates the sequence with an easily accessible control panel, including main power, manual and automatic selector, individual operations control, emergency stop, reset, etc.

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