December 12, 2017

Edgecard Connector Assembly Machine


The bandoliers with the contact pins are advanced by stepping motors. The total number of pins can be changed by dialing in a different number in the counter. Scrap cutters cut the empty bandoliers into small pieces.
HOT STAMP – Will mark all assembled connectors with its part numbers, manufacturing date, etc. Other type of printing such as ink jet, etc. can be made available.

TRAY LOAD – Flat multiple grooved trays are stacked in a magazine and automatically escaped and progressed into the load position. When a groove is filled with connectors, the tray advances to the next groove. A completely loaded tray is automatically escaped onto a work surface which can hold three trays, and an empty tray is placed in the load position.

PART CONFIGURATIONS – Bellows or Cantilever type contacts with ends facing each other in the connectors. Box type plastic insulators, different lengths up to 8 inches possible.

OPTIONAL ITEMS – Automatic insulator feeder bowl, automatic contact presence test and reject system and additional tooling for other row to row or center to center connectors.

CYCLE RATE – 800 to 1000 completed connectors per hour

MACHINE CONTROL – Solid State programmable controller actuates the operations of the machine. The insertion head slides, etc. are monitored by limit switches. The control panel includes jog, single cycle and automatic selector switch, stepping motor on/off switch, stop, emergency stop and no insulators limit switch override switch for ease of set-up. Controls are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure.

MACHINE BASE – Unique vertical design, very heavy duty welded machine frame, makes an open machine, allowing easy access to all stations.

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