December 11, 2017

Electrode Lamination Assembly and Die Cutting Machine


Wire and Snap Connector Electrodes. The machine feeds two (2) layers of materials which are joined into a Laminate. Vibratory feeder bowls teed snaps into multiple snap insertion heads, in the computer controller designated field pattern. The top layer, with snaps installed, laminates with the bottom layer. The scrap from both reels of raw materials are reeled onto their individual rewind spools. The wire contact electrodes are produced without the snap buttons, the hydraulic die station, cuts the various patterns into the top layer, leaving the bottom backing intact. Next, in the indexing feed system and into the hydraulic “pressing” Station, to compress the materials. The last station cuts the material into sheets and drops them onto the exit conveyor. The materials are controlled by automatic web guides.

PART CONFIGURATIONS – There can be an infinite variety of patches, merely by changing the cutting dies and the cutoff die

REELS – All four Reelers (2 de-reelers and 2 re-reelers) are motor driven with loop controls. The large reel under the machine Is on a trolley that rolls Out the side of the machine for ease of reloading.

CYCLE RATE – 4 to 10 seconds per row of electrodes.

MACHINE CONTROL – Solid state PLC and ISA Computer controls with a combination of oil tight pushbuttons and keyboard keys for operator input. Status, diagnostic and process control information is presented to the operator on a CRT screen.

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