December 12, 2017

Flat Cable Installation Tools


INSTALLATION TOOLS – 2120 Hand Bench Press has a large mechanical advantage allowing minimum operator effort for cable cutting or connector installation.  The press is designed to accept various major competitors standard base plates and is light in weight for ease in movement.  Interchangeable cutting kits, base plates, platens, etc. are available in order to terminate the entire line of insulation Displacement Connectors. Specials available upon request. Base plates fit readily into the nest on the press and can be easily rotated 900 (because of the cruciform design of the nest) by the user to accommodate various customer installation requirements, such as mid span crimping. Tooling snaps on and drops in without use of tools for ease of changeover.

The 2120-1200 Pneumatic Bench Press lends itself for usage in high production runs, and all of the above features are also available on this press.
Height 17″ Hand, 9″ Pneumatic Width 6″ Length 13″
Stroke 1 3/8″
Throat Depth 2 ¾”
Throat Height 2 7/8″
Capacity Rated at 15,000 lbs.
Weight 11 lbs.
Ask for our
· Cable guide
· Actuator/Control
· Foot Control
· Price without Bottom Tool Holder

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