December 14, 2017

Full Line IBM Robots

Now you can utilize ADAPT’s unique workstations as modules on your robot work center. Simply pull off the shelf, drop on tool pins, slip in program disk, mount robot tooling, tweak and run. Allows for full or semi-automation for many connectors or PCB at fractions of dedicated machine costs.

This is true, flexible automation at it’s best

One robot may be tooled and programmed to do several jobs. Thus, after the initial robot cost, each additional “machine” you add is at a very low price when compared to a special stand-alone machine for each job.

Gang feed contacts, loose-carrier-bandolier.
Stitch contacts, loose-carrier-bandolier.
Odd component PC board stuffing.
Connector PC Board stuffing.
Contacts and other components; quantity and position by IBM PC controller.
Assembly of several components together, including weld, stack, glue, drill, etc.
Automatic packaging and/or inkjet and/or laser inspect.