December 12, 2017

Header Contact Gang Load and Bend Machine


The fifth station inspects the presence of all contacts and rejects. The assembled connectors discharge on a track in line with the machine, allowing future additions, such as tray or tube load systems, etc.
The bandolier containing the pins is advanced by the stepping motors. The travel or number of pins can be changed by dialing in a different number on the selector switch. The reels are motor driven and two paper take-up reels, are included.
The machine can assemble any number of contacts into one size connector. Machine shown is capable of loading up to 80 pins in a dual row and 40 pins in a single row insulator. Larger connectors, optional.

PART CONFIGURATION – Straight square, round or square to round pins with or without “start”, any length. The machine can be designed for carrier loaded contacts. Any length shrouded or unshrouded header with any number of pins, meaning the connector does not necessarily have to be fully loaded. This equipment has bean designed for ease of set-up, operation, minimal service and changeover.
REELS – Mounted for ease of removal. Motor driven paper take-up reels with high-low sensors included.
SCRAP CUTTERS – Bandoliers are cut to small sections for ease of scrap storage.
WALKING BEAM – Has a pair of calipers at each station, one jaw fixed and one jaw adjustable. Merely insert a gage block or a part to adjust
CYCLE RATE -1000 to 1200 completed 80 pin connectors per hour, equals approximately 100,000 contacts per hour loaded and bent, on a dual row 80 pin connector.
MACHINE CONTROL – Selector switch for automatic, single cycle and jog modes. Stepping motor dial switches, counters, stop and emergency stop button. All are easily accessible on an overhead control panel.
RELATED EQUIPMENT – Model No.1537-1000 is an Automatic Single Row Insertion Machine with manual position insulator in a nest. Model No. 1000 loads one row of contacts, rotates insulator and loads second row. Model No.2652 is a Hand Load Bench Press and Model No.2646 is a Manual Bender. See Model No.2068 for an Automatic IDC Female Connector Contact Load and Cover Assembly Machine at 1400 connectors of any length, per hour.

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