December 12, 2017

Header Extrusion Contact “Push Through” Gang Load and Bend Machine


REEL – is driven by the automatic paper take-up reel which gets its commands from the high-low sensor.

BEND STATION – Includes an extrusion hold down and back up clamp, extrusion back up slide, a contact form die and a contact rotation blade which is adjustable for overbend.

FEMALE DIE – Prior to inserting the contacts, the female die moves forward to back up the extrusion and the clamp comes down on the extrusion. The die is hardened and EDM’d with a special designed removable nose piece. The die holder includes a scrap discharge chamber.

DISCHARGE – is horizontal and loaded on a flat surface which will flip down for side discharge to eliminate tangling up.

EXTRUSION – Various shapes of extrusions can be loaded on this machine. The machine shown is for contacts on .100″ pitch, other pitches and selective loading is available.

SCRAP CUTTER – Bandolier is cut in small sections for ease of storage.

CYCLE RATE – 1200 per hour of forty (40) contacts per cycle equals 48,000 contacts per hour.

MACHINE CONTROL – Solid State programmable controller actuates the operations of the machine. The insertion head slides, etc. are monitored by limit switches. The control panel includes jog, single cycle and automatic selector switch, stepping motor on/oft switch, stop, emergency stop and no extrusion limit switch override switch for ease of set-up. Controls are mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure.

HYDRAULICS – Closed circuit heavy duty hydraulic pump drives the insertion head.

MACHINE BASE – Unique vertical design, very heavy duty welded machine frame, makes a very open machine, allowing easy access to all stations.

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