December 11, 2017

HemoDialysis Isolation Filter – Automatic Assembly Machine

Automatically feeds and assembles male & female housings, filter media and back up material, ultrasonically welds and laser beam trims edges resulting in a burr-free and completely sealed filter
OPERATION – Heavy duty equipment and machine construction affords continuous operation without overheating or mechanical breakdown. All movements are fast, smooth, and positive. The housings, male and female, are bowl fed. The filter media and backup material reel fed. The male housing is inserted into radial stations on an intermittently driven dial. As the dial revolves the filter media and back up material is wrapped over the male housing. . The female housing is fed to an escapement placer mechanism beneath the ultrasonic welding horn. As the welding horn descends the assembly is positioned and welded into a single unit.

The welded unit then progresses to the laser trimming station where the excess filter media and back up material is removed leaving the periphery of the assembly completely sealed and free of burrs. The completed assembly then is progressed to a collection receptacle.

CYCLE RATE – Approximately 2000 per hour.

FEEDER BOWLS – Polished stainless steel with positive parts positioning.

MACHINE BASE – Heavy-duty welded construction.

FINISH – Cosmetically suitable to medically controlled environment – Stainless steel and white polyethylene powder coating (FDA approved standards).

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