December 14, 2017

High Speed Strip Cut-Off/Blanking Die


This machine provides automatic blanking of components from carrier strip and is ideally suited for in-line operations such as plating, assembly operations, blanking after components are assembled, blanking after in-line processes, etc.

PART SIZE – The machine can be tooled for various shapes and sizes of parts.

DEPTH CONTROL – Stroke length is easily adjusted, by means of external control.

CONSTRUCTION – Cam operated for accuracy, repeatability, and speed.

MOUNTING – Machine is designed for a tabletop mount, and is 16″ wide, 10″ deep, 8″ high.

CYCLE RATE – Machine is capable of blanking parts up to 600 per minute, depending on part configuration.

CONTROL – Includes power on-off, motor brake and is adjustable for the speed of drive motor.

Prior to this blanking die, a loop control can be added to turn this machine on and off depending on the supply of strip eliminating precise speed synchronization with the primary operation.

REELER – A motor-driven reeler to re-reel left over carrier can be added.

SCRAP CUTTER – Can be added to cut left over carrier in small pieces.

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