December 12, 2017

IDC Female Socket Connector Assembly Machine


As the contact spacing on this carrier strip is .200 inch and the spacing of the connector openings is .100 inch, only every other cavity is filled. The connector automatically shifts .100 inch and the same operation repeats. Sometimes, depending on the number of contacts, the stepping motor automatically has to feed in an odd number.

The connector housing proceeds to the second station for the second row by walking beam, where the operations are repeated. The third station automatically feeds and assembles the cover.

PART CONFIGURATION – Dual row plastic connector headers of ten different lengths with .100 cavity spacing. Formed, box shaped contacts on single or double carrier strips with score lines.

TOOLING – Special interchangeable walking beams are necessary for the different length connectors, which are interchangeable in a matter of minutes.

CYCLE RATE -1200-1500 completed connectors per hour for contacts on .100 centers. 600-750 per hour for contacts on .200 centers.

MACHINE CONTROL – Stepping motor control dials and counters. Carrier splice sensor with automatic machine stop, indicator and reset button. Selector switch for automatic and single cycles. Emergency stop button and motor brake on/off selector switch. All easily accessible on the control panel.

OPTIONAL ITEMS – Automatic contact presence test and reject system. Automatic tray or magazine loading system with automatic full tray shift command.

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