December 11, 2017

Jack and Contact Assembly and Roll Over Machine


This machine automatically feeds and assembles a miniature jack. The jack is automatically fed by means of feeder bowl and linear feeder and picked up by a rotary pick and place unit and placed in a precise collet and top plate assembly which is floating and precisely positioned by the pick and place unit which has dowels engaging in the jig bored index collet The contact is done in the same manner and placed inside the jack. A contact presence sensor will determine whether the jack will be rolled over to retain the contact and create a lead-in chamfer. The jack is rolled over by means of three roll stations. The parts with contacts missing are rejected, 3 consecutive rejects will stop the machine. The good parts are deposited in the good parts bin. Each station re-positions the nest by dowels engaging the floating collets on the index table. The index table is a precision mechanical cam type with dynamic brake and overload clutch.

PART SIZE – Various shapes such as round, hex, long tail, etc. The jacks and contacts are bulk-packaged for low cost.

AUTOMATIC INSPECTION – Mechanical actuated sensing device provides for inspection of presence of contact jack.

REJECTION – Machine automatically rejects all unassembled jacks. Three consecutive rejects stops the machine.

CYCLE RATE -5000 per hour.

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