December 11, 2017

Low Profile and Standard Dip Plug Connector Assembly Machine


This machine automatically assembles the contact pins in Standard or Low Profile Dip Plug Connectors. The contacts are automatically advanced, cut-off from the carrier strip and inserted into the plastic housing, which is automatically fed from a feeder bowl into an escapement and transferred into the machine. This gang loading type of operation has a very high hourly output while it is a relatively slow speed machine compared to a “stitching” insertion machine.

FEEDER BOWL – 18 inch cast aluminum bowl, custom tooled.

SCRAP CUTTERS – are included with carrier strip, scrap pieces collected in a bin for ease of handling.

CYCLE RATE – Ten (10) parts per minute with contacts spaced on double the cavity spacing and twenty (20) per minute for contacts spaced on insulator cavity spacing.

MACHINE CONTROL – Separate main circuit breaker, panel with power on/off switch, 14 or 16 pin selector switch, single cycle/automatic/jog selector switch, start/jog button, stop button, emergency stop, separate feeder bowl controls.

MAGAZINE – Automatic loading of assembled unit into storage and/or handling tube for protection against damage, optional. This system includes a dual magazine holding slide with automatic shuttle on full command. Magazines can be replaced while equipment is running.

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