December 12, 2017

Metal Header Insulator and Pin Assembly Machine


This machine automatically inserts individual one cavity insulators out of a feeder bowl into metal connector headers. Contact pins are then inserted out of a feeder bowl into the insulators. The machine has a numerically controlled index table with stepping motors. On the index table are two multi cavity nests designed to hold the metal connector header. Mounted over the index table are two insertion heads. One insertion head stitches insulators, the other insertion head stitches contact pins. The headers are first loaded with insulators in nest one, which is then interchanged with nest two, where the headers are simultaneously loaded with contact pins. During the loading operation of the machine, the operator can load up to a third nest with empty headers ready to be put into nest position one.

PART CONFIGURATION – .025 thick loose contacts with 1/4 inch to 2 inch long tails. 3/32 inch square head x 3/16 inch long plastic insulators with through holes. Metal headers up to nine inches long (any shape possible).

SPECIAL TOOLING – Special nests with cavities or dowel pin orientation to fit the individual header configurations.

CYCLE RATE -3600 cycles per hour.

MACHINE CONTROL – Computer control for numerically controlled X-Y table and sequence of machine operations. Automatic and single cycle selectors. Start, stop and emergency stop. On a separate control panel, are the feeder bowl controls, linear feeder controls, main switch, main air control and selector switch for. insulators only, contact pins only, or both. Machine runs nearly constantly, except for the few seconds required to transfer nests.


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