December 14, 2017

Non-Contact Inkjet Marking and Curing Machine

This machine is a universal system to mark components with the ink jet marking system, and cures by means of a belt type curing tunnel. The curing system can be adapted to the type of ink used, mainly with ultraviolet light for UV inks or with heat for high-temperature curing. The components can be manually placed on the conveyor belt, can be fed from a feeder bowl system, or can come from an automatic machine. The parts placed on the conveyor belt will trigger a photosensor and will then be automatically marked by ink jet marker. The conveyor belt will drive the parts through the curing tunnel. The ink jet marker is a non-contact type of system and is capable of dual line printing. No printing dies required, merely program the desired characters. NOTE: The UV ink is especially suitable for marking connector insulators subjected to stringent military ink solvent tests.

PART CONFIGURATION – Any part capable of feeding in an oriented manner. Surfaces to be marked DO NOT have to be flat or smooth. The ink jet marker can mark on uneven surfaces, over any type of surface finish, and over any type of material to which the ink will adhere, due to the non-contact type of printing.

CONTROLS – Main power, variable speed control for the conveyor, manual and automatic temperature control for the curing tunnel if applicable and an ink jet marker programmable controller with keyboard and capability to interface with a mainframe computer.

MARKING SPEED – Variable up to 135 feet per minute.

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