December 14, 2017

PC Board Beveling Machine


“BEV” is a precision machine for beveling angles on circuit board connector edges, designed to replace current carbide bit beveling devices and hand filling. The machine utilizes an exclusive Thompson ball bushing floating table design, with an easily calibrated edge-stop adjustment. The operator simply loosens the calibrating knob, “dials” the proper bevel depth, re-tightens the knob, turns the machine on, places the board to be beveled on the floating table, and pushes it against the moving belt. Accurate beveling is accomplished quickly and simply. Burring is eliminated forever and it is virtually impossible to life board fingers or harm the board in any way.


Meets OSHA safety requirements.
Bevel angle settings of 30 and 45 degrees.
Uses standard abrasive belts in a variety of grits.
Adaptable to template locating systems.
Precision adjustable edge stop system.
27″ Panel width capacitor.
Vacuum exhaust adaptor.
Durable construction of heavy duty steel and aluminum.

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