December 14, 2017

PC Board Hole Fill Coater and Squeegee Sharpener


HOLE FILL COATER: This machine automatically applies alkaline or solvent etch-resist, by means of compression virtually eliminating all voids in the holes, to the inside of plated through holes, and squeegees the excess material from the flat panel surfaces. The “hole fill” technique of producing print and etch plated-through circuit boards is rapidly gaining popularity. After the holes are plugged and the resist dried, both sides are deburred to remove excess resist from the surface and holes, of the board, to produce a print and etch plated-through circuit boards.

CAPACITY – 86″ wide x unlimited length panels can be coated. Machines to handle larger size panels can be made as specials.

SQUEEGEE – One top and one bottom, reversible and interchangeable.

CONVEYOR SPEED – 15 feet per minute, fixed.

SQUEEGEE SHARPENER: This machine assures precise grinding of the squeegee, and is adjustable for height.

GRINDING WHEEL – Replaceable belt on a rubber holder. Commercially available.

MACHINE CONTROL – Power on-off.

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