December 11, 2017

Pipette Tip Assembly Machine


Magazine feeds strips of filter media into a die cutter which cuts 96 plugs at a time. Conveyor feeds and escapes a container with 96 pipettes under the die cutter and press which transfers the cut plugs into the pipettes and seats them to a predetermined depth. The container is placed in a second die which pushes the plugs to the final depth. The container with 96 pipettes are escaped back onto the conveyor for offload. The machine includes three cut and seat dies for different size plugs. The media is side shuttled on the next cycle for maximum use.

MACHINE CONTROL – A solid state programmable controller operates the sequence with an easily accessible control panel including Main Power, Emergency Stop, Manual, Automatic, and Individual Operations controls.

CONSTRUCTION – Heavy duty welded and powder coated tubular frame with adjustable levelers. Materials and finishes used are appropriate for the work environment. This machine is designed to allow the operator full visual contact with all components being processed and easy access for routine maintenance.

SAFETY – Meets OSHA Safety Standards. Safety sensitive areas of this machine are enclosed and accessed through interlocked doors which stop the machine when opened. Emergency Stop controls are provided which stop the machine when activated.

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