December 14, 2017

S.O.M. for Multiple Operations On Contacts


This machine with fully automtic feeding, or semi-automatic hand or magazine feeding provides secondary operations on a variety of pin or socket contacts. The stations around the index table allow for back or front drilling, solder pot mill cutting, cross drilling, retention spring mill cutting, back ream deburr, front ream deburr, and automatic discharge. Contacts are merely carried onand automatic discharge. Contacts are merely carried on the index table and located precisely at each operating station. This system allows very simple tooling for various sizes. Recirculating pump with oil tank inside cabinet. Oil at all staions, individual adjustable for flow.

PART SIZE – This machine can be set up for various sizes and shapes of pin and socket contact.

SPINDLES – Pneumatic, self feeding.

FEEDER BOWL – Automatic feeder bowl, optional. Manual feed in tube magazine with automatic escapement shown in photograph.

STATIONS – Twelve interchangable stations.

AUTOMATIC PART EJECTION – Minished parts are mechanically, automatically ejected.

DEPTH CONTROL – Stroke length and tooling positioning are easilly adjustable by means of external control.

CYCLE RATE – Depending on operations performed. Machine shown; 2,100 finished contacts per hour.

MACHINE BASE – Heavy duty welded construction 45″ wide, 40″ deep, 30″ high.

MACHINE CONTROL – Power on-off, manual-automatic selector, individual station control, counter, emergency stop.

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