December 12, 2017

Single and Multiple Pin Insertion Machine

Machine No. 1007 and Machine No. 1149

These machines provide single or multiple placement of component parts for assemblies having irregular placement configuration or hole pattern. One of the primary advantages of the insertion equipment is its use of low-cost, bulk packaged parts, rather than reel-fed parts. These bulk packaged parts cost approximately 1/3 the price of reel-fed parts. The basic arrangement can be used for placement, pressing, screw driving, etc. Complete operations for a wide selection of parts such as pins, contacts, I/C. sockets, screws, rivets, wire wrap terminals, etc. The one-to-one ratio X-Y table to template is of all bushing construction and is manually operated by means of positioning the stylus on the template. The stylus actuates the insertion cycle. X and Y direction locks included.

PART SIZE – Various shapes. Typical parts illustrated.

TEMPLATES – Machines are ideally suited for short and long run jobs. An actual board can be used for a short template enabling change over in a matter of minutes at the lowest cost.

INSERTION AREA – From 1×1 inch to 22×22 inch depending on customer requirements. A larger field area is also available.

ROTATION ORIENTATION – If required pin square posts, after insertion, can be oriented within 10 inches of a normal orientation.

ANVIL – The board is backed up by an anvil, on the insertion cycle eliminating stress on the board.

CYCLE RATE – Machines capable of inserting pins at a rate of 72 per minute.

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