December 12, 2017

Strip Switch Contact Board Assembly and Bending Machine

MACHINE NO. 1257-1

This machine is fully automatic in operation. Automatically feeds a four-station contact insulator board, from magazine loaded station, feeds and inserts 12 contracts into each board station, form bends contact to a predetermined height and tests each station for omission of, or detective, contact. The machine provides programming to cut and deliver 1, 2, 3 or 4-station boards progress into both sides. The completed boards progress into separate storage magazine sleeves. Left over scrap carrier is cut into small pieces and routed to a convenient bin.

PART CONFIGURATION AND SIZE – Various shapes. Typical parts illustrated.

MAGAZINE BOARD FEED – Automatic shuttle shift from empty to full magazine provides continuous feeding boards.

CARRIERS – Machine is capable of handling reel strip fed progression with automatic shut-off for “no contacts” present.

PROGRAMMABILITY – By a mere flick of a switch this machine can be programmed to insert either one or both sides of the board, cut boards into one, two, three, or four-station segments and by-pass loading and testing of the first station. The machine then separates and loads the selected board assemblies into storage and/or handling magazines for protection against damage.

MACHINE CONTROL – Automatic and manual control, contact load program switch, board cut-off program switch, and emergency stop at both ends of the machine.

CYCLE RATE – 1200 stations per hour.

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