December 14, 2017

Torque Spring and Housing Assembly Machine


This machine is fully automatic in its operation with mechanical cam operated index table with a cam operated overhead tooling plate for synchronous operations. The housing is fed from a supply hopper into a vibratory feeder bowl which orients the part and feeds it into a linear feeder to an escapement.  This part is picked up by the tooling on the overhead tooling plate and placed into the index turret table locating the nest. A torque spring is fed from its feeding system like the housing and placed in the staging area. First, the spring is expanded prior to being picked up by the tooling on the overhead tooling plate and placed on the housing in the index tooling. The tooling on the index table includes a mechanical cam for spring positioning.  At the next station, one leg of the spring is held by one of the ledges/lips on the housing, the spring is located and rotated by a rotating device while the second leg of the spring is carried up and over the second lip of the housing creating the tension.  The next station picks the assembly from the nest and places it on a staging area where it is being greased, this is done off-line to keep the grease away from the index table for contamination.  The greased unit is bulk discharged.  The next station discharges the rejects in bulk.  The presence and proper assembly is verified after each operation.

SAFETY-The machine is enclosed with interlocked doors which stops the machine when opened.  Emergency stops are provided which dumps the air to the machine when actuated.

CONTROLS-Solid state programmable controller actuates the machine and the digital readout directs the operator how to start the machine and for what reason it stopped for quick re-start.  Each operation is monitored by a limit device.

CYCLE RATE-1200 per hour.

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