December 11, 2017

Tube Coating Machine


This machine automatically takes plastic laboratory test tubes out of a feeder bowl, puts them into plastic racks and feeds the racks through a special system that puts a coating on the inside of the tubes.
The test tubes are dumped into a hopper system by the operator from which they fall into the feeder bowl where a certain part level is automatically retained. Out of the feeder bowl, the tubes feed into a high-speed roller system which separates the tubes and sets them up straight A pick and place system picks up ten tubes at a time and places them in plastic racks.
The racks are supplied empty out of large rack carrying trays. The trays loaded with empty racks are put on a conveying type of track on the right-hand side of the machine by the operator who also removes the empty trays and places them on the left-hand side conveying track ready to be automatically reloaded with full racks out of the machine.
The machine in the meantime escapes the empty racks out of the carrying trays into the machine where they are loaded with the test tubes, ten at a time.

After being loaded, the trays are fed under a dispensing and aspirating system which, through long needles, places a special fluid into the tubes which coat the insides, 50 tubes at the same time. After dispensing, the fluid can be aspirated with a vacuum system. The machine has two dispensing and aspirating heads.

The racks with the finished tubes are loaded back

This onto the carrying trays at the other side of the machine. The trays convey to the end of the track where they can be lifted oft by an operator for further processing of the tubes.

CYCLE RATE – 200 test tubes per minute.

MACHINE CONTROLS – The machine is controlled by a programmable Texas Instruments controller with selector switches for the two dispensing heads, selector switches for different combinations of dispensing and aspirating cycles and run and jog modes. Start, stop and emergency buttons. Enunciator lights will indicate the status of the machine.

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