December 14, 2017

Universal Secondary Operation Machine


This machine provides fully automatic self-feeding, or semi-automatic, hand or magazine feeding, universal secondary operations on an unlimited variety of parts. The twelve stations around the heavy duty index table allow tooling of most any configuration such as milling, drilling, shearing, reaming, tapping, slotting, forming, assembly, testing, etc.All stations are jig-bored around a common center allowing interchangeability of the twelve stations. Stroke length and tooling positioning are easily adjustable by means of external control.

PART SIZE – Most any shape or form. Well suited for relatively small parts.

SPECIAL TOOLING – Consists of feeders, escapements, spindles, collects and holding tooling.

SPINDLES – Pneumatic, self-feeding, up to 85,000 RPM.

STATIONS – Twelve interchangeable stations.

AUTOMATIC PART REJECTION – Finished parts are ejected automatically by means of a flow of oil.

COOLANT – Recirculating pump with oil tank inside the cabinet. Oil at all stations, individually adjustable for flow.

INDEX TABLE – Heavy duty construction with complete power transmission system including precision reducer, taper locked pulleys, slip-proof steel enforced timing belt and clutch brake motor as the power supply. The rotary disc is ground and jig-bored for precision.

MACHINE BASE – Heavy-duty welded construction, 34″ wide, 34″ deep, 32″ high.

CYCLE RATE – Determined by the complexity of operations performed.

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