December 12, 2017

Unshrouded Header Assembly Machine


The travel or number of pins can be changed by dialing in a different number of pins on the counter. The contact pins in both rows of the finished connector are counted and the connector can be automatically rejected if necessary. The reels are motor driven and two paper take-up reels are included.
The machine can assemble any number of contact pins into one size header. The machine shown is capable of loading up to 120 pins individual row and 60 pins in a single row insulator.

PART CONFIGURATION – Straight square, round or square to round pins with or without “stars”, any length.
Any length shrouded or unshrouded header with any number of pins, meaning the connector does not necessarily have to be fully loaded.

CYCLE RATE – 1000 to 1200 completed connectors per hour, equals up to 144,000 contacts per hour.

MACHINE CONTROL – Selector switch for automatic, single and jog modes. Stepping motor dial switches, counters and jog button. Main power switch, start-stop and emergency stop buttons. All easily accessible on an overhead control panel.

OPTIONAL ITEMS – Included automatic feeder bowl and tray or magazine load system.

RELATED EQUIPMENT – Machine model 2550 is for an automatic programmable for length cutting machine. Machine Model 2549 is for a machine as described above with a contact bend station after each load station.

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