Aerospace Igniter – Pyrotechnic Propellant Load and Consolidation Machine

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Aerospace Igniter Pyrotechnic Propellant Load and Consolidation Machine adapt automation

This machine operates around a manually loaded and controlled work cell. The operator loads parts and unload finished sub-assemblies. The powder is manually controlled into the cup by the operator watching a scale monitor. Once the correct weight has been achieved, the operator manually moves the cup underneath a consolidation press where the manually loaded header is pressed down into the cup. The operator manually loads a cup into a nest on a pneumatic slide and manually loads the header into the upper die of a press head. 

The operator then manually slides the nest into the barricade until it comes to rest underneath a funnel. The nest has a sensor to detect that the shuttle is all the way in place before the powder feeder will become active. The operator turns a rheostat to control the vibration of the v-track dispensing the powder out into a container suspended on a scale. The operator watches a monitor showing the weight in real time. Once the amount has been reached, the operator stops the flow by turning the dial to zero. 

Then a manual rotator will allow the operator to rotate the powder container moving the powder into the ignitor can.  The powder is brought to the machine in a container that is loaded into an anti-chamber. The operation commences upon the room being evacuated. The container will be loaded in a cradle that pivots it over slowly and unloads the powder into the main basin of a vibratory feeding hopper. Once filled, this cup is transferred directly through an open chamber door and deposited into the funnel that feeds it to a fill by weight system. 

Once the powder has been placed, the operator pulls the shuttle back out to the loading position where the header is then automatically pressed into place into the cup. The header is transferred be by a flip over station next to the consolidation station. This flips over the header and aligns it in an accurate position to allow the consolidation ram to press the header in the cup. Once the consolidation is complete the assembled ignitor is removed using a pick and place device and transferred to an inline vibratory feeder that will transfer the part to a Laser Welding Station.

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