Electronics Industry

ADAPT Automation supplies the connector, contact, and pin insertion industry with proven machine technology for fast and efficient production without damaging the coatings or bending the leads. Feeding product via bandolier, tubes, or feeder bowls, ADAPT Automation uses techniques that suit your application.

Case Van Mechelen started his company building pin and contact insertion machines that handle them in bandolier form. Special cam actuated stitching devices were designed and built for high speed insertion into contact blocks, 50 at a time, without damaging or scaring the contacts. This led to banding the contact blocks to the flat wire looms for the infant computer industry when all components were coupled together with looms.

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Small electronic parts adapt automation


  • Cell Phone Assembly 
  • Custom Circuit Board Assembly
  • Connector Shell Machining Systems
  • Military and Commercial Connector Assembly
  • Contact; Gang Load Machinery
  • Contact Machining Systems
  • Flexible Cable Assembly Systems
  • Induction Annealing Integration
  • Ink Jet Marking Integration
  • Laser Marking Integration
  • PC / Circuit Board Loading
  • Socket Connector Assembly Machinery
  • Solder Assembly Technology
  • Switch Assembly
  • Telephone Connector Assembly
  • Electronic Process Testing
  • Vision Inspection Integration


  • Proof of Principle / Prototyping
  • Compact Table-Top Design
  • Semi-Automated Systems
  • Fully-Automated Systems
  • Off-The-Shelf Systems Integration
  • Rotary and Linear CAM Driven Indexer Systems
  • Robotic Integration
  • High Speed Walking Beam Part Transfer Integration
  • Palletized Conveyor Systems
  • Precision Servo Motion Technology
  • Continuous Motion Systems
  • Final Packaging Robotics and Packaging