Automotive Industry

ADAPT Automation’s ongoing improvements to the world wide air bag assembly and test industry ensures your safety as you and your family cruise the highways and byways of this great world we live in.

ADAPT Automation builds machines for many automotive products that stem from spin-on oil and fuel filters, air bag components, and trim assembly. ADAPT Automation changed the spin-on oil filter assembly process by conceptualizing, designing, and building machines that changed the industry standards for production. Our machines took the place of semi-automatic machines that used many operators and produced roughly 10 filters a minute. Our goal was to eliminate all operators, reduce the size of the area required, and increase production. Our continuous motion assembly process used ¼ of the floor space, only used bin refilling operators, and produces 186 filters per minute. These machines have been in continuous operation for decades, with very minimal down time for preventive maintenance. We used to same design parameters for the fuel filter industry including the pre-assembly of the filter element itself.

In the automotive air bag industry, ADAPT Automation was the first to build a machine that used 75% less wire for the igniter header, where the wire usage savings paid for the machine in less than a year. We then took our ingenuity to the feeding of the explosive powder portion of the air bag assembly and developed state of the art weigh feeding of the powder that processed it with twice the weight tolerance requirement to assure an accurate deployment of the air bag. Using laser welders, we replaced the ancient T.I.G. welding technique that tended to set off the powder due to heat transfer. With the laser, ADAPT Automation was able to almost completely eliminate pre-detonation by controlling the laser parameters tighter then the T.I.G. welders were able to produce.

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  • Fully-Automatic Curtain Airbag Assembly LInes
  • Interior Door Handle Fixturing and Assembly
  • Fully-Automatic Driver and Passenger Airbag Assembly LInes
  • Fuel Filter Media Pleating and Final Assembly Systems
  • Automotive Front Grill Assembly
  • Gravimetric Filling Equipment
  • Fully-Automatic Airbag Igniter Assembly Lines
  • Headrest Assembly Systems
  • Ink Jet Marking Integration
  • Laser Marking Integration
  • High Speed Oil Filter Media and Final Assembly Solutions
  • Pyrotechnic Automotive Assembly Systems
  • Seat Belt Assembly Systems
  • Shorting Clip Insertion / Inspection, Vision Guidance
  • Interior / Exterior Automotive Switch and Knob Assembly Systems
  • Industrial and Commercial Automotive Turbocharger Machining and Assembly Systems
  • Vision Inspection Integration
  • Volumetric Filling Equipment


  • Proof of Principle / Prototyping
  • Compact Table-Top Design
  • Semi-Automated Systems
  • Fully-Automated Systems
  • Off-The-Shelf Systems Integration
  • Rotary and Linear CAM Driven Indexer Systems
  • Robotic Integration
  • High Speed Walking Beam Part Transfer Integration
  • Palletized Conveyor Systems
  • Precision Servo Motion Technology
  • Continuous Motion Systems
  • Final Packaging Robotics and Packaging