Basket Assembly Machine

Basket Assembly Machine adapt automation

Thin round gas producing discs are fed at a high rate of speed down a conveyor, from a consolidation machine, to a pin type transfer station that stacks them and flips them over and into a waiting perforated basket on a 16 station indexer.

A conveyor feeds empty baskets to a dead track where they are picked and placed, 2 at a time, into a double nest on a 16 position indexed dial plate. Generant Disks are then conveyor fed at a high rate of speed and loaded onto pins that allows them to stack up on.  The pins are located just of the end of the conveyor so that as the Discs exit the conveyor, they drop down onto the pins and loactede by the center hole in the Discs. The feed conveyor is then blocked, holding back the line of discs as the pins rotate over and places them into the bottom of each basket. A series of conveyors feed the propellant wafers from a wafer press in another room to the machine where they are split into two lanes and the required number of wafers is automatically stacked.

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