Oil Filter Assembly Machine

Oil Filter Assembly Machine adapt automation

Continuous motion allows for complete assembly of all oil filter components at a rate of 170 assemblies per minute and direct transfer to a seaming machine.

This machine assembles all components used in oil filters on a continuous format. All components are loaded on a pin that transfers through a series of continuous loading stations. The filter is assembled upside down and then rotated over and sent to the seaming machine. The filters and cans feed into the stations by timing screws that are mounted on an angle, to lower them down as the conveyor moves the nests through the stations. Check valves are stripped out of an inline track as the first operation. The rubber valves are fed down and angled track to a dead nest where the pin moves through and strips it out. The feeder is designed to continuously feed the flexible valves with a diverter to keep the track full of a set amount of parts. The overflow is then diverted back to the feeder system. This is done so that the Valve stay round and not warp and jam the feeding system. Flat metal formed springs are fed to a carousel feeder that picks them up with a cam driven nest that locks onto them with a magnet. As they are fed around, they line up with the main conveyor transfer and are cam driven down and inserted into the end of the filter. Once in place, the magnet is lifted up, releasing the spring as it remains pressed into the filter. The holder then elevates to release the Spring to remain on the filter. Finally, the Can is fed and lowered down over the assembly, completing the assembly process. The conveyor then returns around the end of the line going back underneath and the Filter assembly is lowered down off of the pin and sent to the next operation.

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