Automotive Inflator – Propellant Fill, Weigh and Vision Inspect

Automotive Inflator Propellant Fill Weigh and Vision Inspect Adapt automation

This machine loads pellets into the main chamber of a driver’s side air bag container. A special ring to contain the pellets from   

Falling out before the load is settled, is recycled back to the beginning after the load has settled. 

This is ADAPT Automation’s highly flexible, automatic Fill by Weight Tablet Loading and Baffle press machine. The machine is tooled to load and close a variety of driver’s side inflators. This machine’s automated design utilizes a cam driven oscillating pick and place indexer to transfer the assemblies from station to station. This machine loads the Tablets to specification as well as manual loading of the upper Cushion and Baffle during the cycle. The machine processes the entire loading sequence, including pressing the Inner Baffle into place.

In addition to completing the pre & post weighing and Tablet loading processes, this machine include the following features:

  1. “Collar Guide” processing system 
  2. Desiccant Dispense
  3. An additional dead weight and vibrate station to further level the tablet bed
  4. Operator access safety door for manually loading Bases, Cushions and Inner Baffle
  5. Cushion presence sensing (Lower & Upper)
  6. Overhead Inner Baffle press
  7. Final weigh after Baffle & Cushion (additional scale required)

This Loader will deliver a 16 second cycle time part to part (Man-It communication time not included). The final cycle time is operator dependent. 


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