Igniter Assembly Line Complete Solution

airbag igniter powder loader adapt automation

These Pellet Loaders are designed to pre-weigh pellets and automatically load them into several different types of containers used in the automotive air bag inflator assembly.  

The primary & secondary booster loading machines can be either manually or automatically loaded machines that are fully automatic in its operation. The machine will provide the following process steps:

  1. Manual or Automatic Scan 
  2. Tare Weigh
  3. Confirm lower Cushion (If required)
  4. Desiccant dispense
  5. Post weigh with Desiccant
  6. Tablet or Granule dispense & bed leveling (limited vibration) 
  7. Post weigh with Tablets or Granules

The standard automatic Loaders provide complete containment of all bulk propellant and protection to the operator while delivering a consistently accurate Tablet dispensing process.

The areas inside the Barricade have been designed and built to intrinsically safe standards, tested, and approved.

The scales residing inside the machine guarding will require internal positive pressure. 

A standard ADAPT Single Fill by Weight System is used to feed, pre-weigh and dispense Tablets or Granules into the target parts. 

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