Ground Pin Weld Bend Machine

Ground Pin Weld Bend Machine adapt automation

A cam driven walking beam indexer transfers headers through a series of stations that weld on a ground pin, bends it, inspects it and offloads to good and bad containers. Each header is processed through one set of tooling, making them all very consistent with each other.

The Headers are bowl fed through an inline track and escaped into the first station of a walking beam indexer. Ground Pins are fed by an inline track and escaped into a holder that positions the pins underneath the Headers for welding. Once the Header is in position, the Pin is lifted, pressed against the bottom of the Header and then resistance welded. The welded Pins are then bent and inspected for correct length and pitch. Rejected assemblies are escaped through a tube into a reject bin. Good assemblies are offloaded by the walking beam through a 2 position chute into 1 of 2 good part bins. When the selected good part bin is full, the chute automatically positions to the other good part bin and the full bin is then manually replaced by an empty bin.

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