Airbag Pyrotechnic Charge Loading Machine

Airbag Pyrotechnic Charge Loading Machine adapt automation

Automotive Air deployment powder is fed, weighed, loaded into cups, consolidated, and finish weight checked at a rate of 12 parts per minute. The powder can be fed by either a spoon type volumetric loader, or super precision, real time, weight process developed by ADAPT with feedback control of a trickle stream type feeder. Full guarding can contain any type of ignition of the powder during operation.

Igniter headers are magazine fed through an inline track to a dead nest, where they are transferred into a precisely located and pinned nest on a 12 position rotary indexed dial plate. Headers are then checked for proper orientation and loaded with a pre-measured shot of powder. After loading, the powder is compacted with a consolidation press. The powder is then checked for proper height. Rejected parts are offloaded through a tube to a reject part bin. Good parts are offloaded into a track system for transferring to the next production process.

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